Zcash Lightwallet Nodes


Zcash, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, supports a feature called "lightwallet nodes" that enables users to interact with the Zcash blockchain without downloading the entire blockchain history. This wiki page provides an overview of lightwallet nodes, the role of the "lightwalletd" service in the Zcash ecosystem, a current list of lightwallet node servers, and instructions on how to change servers in popular wallets like Ywallet and Zingo.



Lightwalletd Service

The "lightwalletd" service, short for "lightwallet daemon," plays a critical role in Zcash's lightwallet node ecosystem. It acts as an intermediary that provides lightweight clients (lightwallets) with the information they need to function effectively. Here's a brief explainer of the lightwalletd service:

Data Aggregator: Lightwalletd aggregates data from the Zcash blockchain, such as transaction information, block data, and shielded pool information.

Simplified Verification: Lightwalletd performs simplified verification of this data, allowing lightwallets to access necessary information without having to validate the entire blockchain.

Privacy Preservation: The service maintains the privacy of Zcash users by not requiring them to expose their viewing keys or personal transaction information.

Efficient Synchronization: Lightwalletd enables efficient synchronization for lightwallets, significantly reducing the time and resources required to get up to date with the Zcash blockchain.

Current List of Lightwalletd Servers

Here is a list of some current Zcash Lightwallet Nodes that users can connect to:

North America: https://na.lightwalletd.com

South America: https://sa.lightwalletd.com

Europe & Africa: https://eu.lightwalletd.com

Asia & Oceania: https://ai.lightwalletd.com

Changing Servers in Ywallet/Zingo

Changing the lightwallet node server in Ywallet or Zingo is relatively straightforward:

Open Ywallet/Zingo: Launch the Ywallet or Zingo application on your device.

Access Settings: Find and access the settings or preferences menu within the application.

Select Server: Look for the option to change the lightwallet node server. This option is usually named "Change server" or "Node settings."

Enter Server Information: You will be prompted to enter the new server's address. Input the URL of the desired server from the current list or any other server you prefer.

Save or Confirm: Save the changes, and the application should now connect to the new server.

Remember to ensure that the new server is active and reliable to maintain seamless communication with the Zcash network.


Zcash's lightwallet nodes and the lightwalletd service provide a convenient and privacy-preserving way for users to interact with the blockchain. The ability to change servers offers flexibility in selecting a node that best suits your needs. Stay updated with the latest server information for optimal functionality and privacy when using Zcash lightwallets.