Welcome to ZecHub

ZecHub is the community driven education hub for the Zcash cryptocurrency (ZEC). Zcash is a digital currency providing censorship resistant, secure & private payments. The Zcash Blockchain utilises highly advanced 'verifiable' zk-snarks that do not require Trusted Setup following the NU5 network upgrade in 2022.

What is Zcash?

It is an open-source, blockchain ledger that features a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving system. It specializes in offering a higher standard of privacy through its proving system preserving confidentiality of transaction metadata. At its core, Zcash is private data ownership that is permissionlessly transferred when transactions are made.


ZECPages is an anonymous message board powered by Zcash. It also serves as a public directory of Zcash users. Take it easy is the ZECpages motto. A good reason to swing by is if you want to chat and make new friends.


Free2Z is a social platform powered by Zcash. With peer-to-peer donations, a revenue sharing program, advanced creative tools and a massive online global community.

Pay with Zcash

This website is an answer to the question: where can I pay with Zcash?

The directory is free to use. The items listed are for informational purposes only, and not endorsements of any kind. Enjoy!