Zgo Payment Processor

There's definitely no doubt Zgo stands out as one of the foremost payment processors in the Zcash ecosystem, serving users by enabling seamless payment transactions with the Zcash cryptocurrency.

Even though Payment processors are known for their services to facilitate transactions and payments using supported cryptocurrencies like Zcash.They often provide tools and APIs for businesses and individuals to accept and manage cryptocurrency payments.

"The Zcash Register"

Zgo offers a secure, confidential and autonomous method for making payments by harnessing the power of Zcash technology which makes it accessible to all users. ZGo boasts seamless integration with a wide array of popular business applications, enhancing its versatility and usability for a range of professional purposes. This compatibility enables users to effortlessly incorporate ZGo into their existing software ecosystems, streamlining processes and promoting efficiency when it comes to making and processing payment with Zcash. ZGo's integration capabilities ensure that it can seamlessly adapt to the diverse needs of various organizations, fostering a more interconnected and productive digital environment.

ZGo And Xero

ZGo's integration with the Xero marks a significant advancement in financial management for businesses. This integration empowers business owners by providing a convenient avenue for their customers to settle invoices using Zcash, a cryptocurrency known for its privacy and security features.

Beyond simplifying the payment process, ZGo's integration actively monitors the Zcash blockchain , ensuring that every Zcash payment is tracked and reported seamlessly to Xero . This bridge between cryptocurrency and conventional accounting systems allows business owners to maintain their existing workflow and financial processes without disruption.

The result is that Business owners can now seamlessly accept Zcash payments directly into their wallets while enjoying the benefits of reliable accounting software. This integration simplifies cryptocurrency adoption for businesses & also demonstrates ZGo's commitment to bridging the gap between the traditional financial world and the exciting possibilities of cryptocurrencies.

Want to set up ZGo with Xero for the first time? Follow the guide below: Xero Integration Configuration

ZGo and WooCommerce

ZGo has taken a significant step by developing a dedicated plugin for WooCommerce , a widely acclaimed e-commerce platform seamlessly integrated with WordPress . This innovative plugin equips e-commerce store owners with the capability to extend Zcash payment options to their customers, enhancing the flexibility and choice available at checkout.

Upon implementation, ZGo's plugin engages customers through a user-friendly interface, presenting them with a QR code for Zcash payment. Simultaneously, it vigilantly tracks the Zcash blockchain for payment confirmation and efficiently relays this information to the WooCommerce store.

This streamlined process ensures that shop owners enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience akin to using any other traditional payment processor.

What sets ZGo apart is its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. The plugin includes an administrative dashboard tailored to the needs of shop owners. This dashboard offers valuable insights and control, enabling store operators to effortlessly monitor orders and payments facilitated through the ZGo plugin. This dual-pronged approach enriches the customer experience and empowers shop owners with the tools needed to manage their e-commerce operations efficiently.

Zgo for E-commerce

#1 Transaction Confirmation

At the heart of this payment flow is the verification of the transaction itself. When a customer initiates a payment using Zcash, the system initiates a series of checks to confirm the validity and authenticity of the transaction.

#2 Database Update

Simultaneously, the system interfaces with the WooCommerce store database to mark the customer's order as "paid." This step is critical for inventory management, order fulfillment, and maintaining accurate financial records.

#3 ZGo System Monitoring

The ZGo system plays a pivotal role in this process. It actively monitors the Zcash blockchain for incoming transactions related to the payment. This monitoring ensures that every transaction is tracked and accounted for in real-time.

#4 Confirmation Threshold

The ZGo system sets a specific threshold for transaction confirmations. In this case, it waits for five confirmations before proceeding further. This threshold enhances security by ensuring that the payment is legitimate and has been validated multiple times on the blockchain.

#5 Reporting to ZGo Payment Gateway Plugin

Once the payment transaction achieves the required five confirmations, the ZGo system communicates this information to the ZGo Payment Gateway plugin. This plugin serves as the bridge between the Zcash blockchain and the WooCommerce store, facilitating the integration of cryptocurrency paymen

The payment flow illustrated in the image is a well-orchestrated process that not only confirms cryptocurrency transactions but also seamlessly updates the WooCommerce store database. The monitoring, confirmation, and reporting mechanisms ensure the reliability and security of Zcash payments, making it a robust solution for businesses and customers alike.

Features of ZGo

Non Custodial/Decentralized ZGo operates on a non-custodial basis, emphasizing the security and privacy of your financial transactions. With ZGo, Zcash payments follow a path from your customer to your wallet through the use of shielded transactions, ensuring that your funds remain under your control throughout the entire process.

Flexibility ZGo is capable of adapting to your specific needs, whether you require it for just an afternoon or for multiple points of sale on a daily basis. No matter the scope or duration of your usage, ZGo is well-equipped to seamlessly accommodate your requirements.

Mobility ZGo is optimized for mobile, ensuring that whether you're on a desktop or a mobile device, your shop is readily accessible wherever and whenever you need it. It can be used by any device equipped with a web browser.

Compatibility ZGo is synonymous with compatibility, seamlessly integrating with major Zcash wallets on both mobile and desktop platforms. This universal compatibility ensures that regardless of your preferred wallet or device, ZGo harmoniously interacts with your chosen setup.

Integration ZGo offers deep integration capabilities, forming a seamless connection with a wide array of popular business applications. This comprehensive integration serves as a testament to ZGo's commitment to enhancing its utility and adaptability within diverse professional contexts. With ZGo's integration into popular business applications, it not only simplifies payment processes but also opens up new possibilities for optimizing workflows, ultimately contributing to a more interconnected and productive digital environment.