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Zcash Wallet Fund Recovery

Why keep your private key?

Private keys are the secret to the security of your digital assets. Keeping them safe and never sharing them with third parties is essential.

By maintaining control over your private keys, the recovery process is always possible. There are 2 types of Zcash private keys (transparent and shielded), you can easily import them into your wallet, whether by using the Sweep Funds function or importing them as a new account. By keeping control over your private keys, you maintain total control over your assets, ensuring ownership, security and peace of mind.

Fund Recovery with Ywallet

YWallet is recognized as one of the best options for recovering inaccessible funds, both from transparent only and shielded private keys.

1) Private Key Import

  1. Download Ywallet (https://ywallet.app )

  2. Once open, on the bottom right click 'More'

  3. Select 'Accounts'

  4. On top right corner click plus sign

plus sign
  1. Toggle 'Restore an account'

  2. Enter Seed phrase or Private key

Note: if you held funds in a wallet that does not support shielded addresses (Trust, Coinomi, Guarda etc.) you will have to use 'Sweep Funds feature'

2) Sweep Funds

  1. Download Ywallet (https://ywallet.app )

  2. Once open, on the bottom right click 'More'

  3. Scroll down to Tools section, click 'Sweep'

  4. Enter your seed phrase (Gap limit scans for additional addresses generated by the seed)

sweep funds
  1. Enter the Value Pool for the destination you wish to use (Exchanges use Transparent)

  2. Enter the Destination Address for where you wish to deposit funds.

Security and Responsibility:

It is crucial for users to understand the risks involved in dealing with private keys and to keep these keys protected from unauthorized access. The security of funds depends on the user's responsibility to safeguard their private keys.