Developer Resources

A list of the recommended resources for new developers to Zcash

Broad Overview of how Blockchains & Zcash works:

Zcash Docs

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming The Open Blockchain

Zcashd RPC's

The Zcashd Book

Light Client Protocol

Android Mobile SDK / iOS Mobile SDK

Building understanding of how dependencies are reviewed & maintained by the teams:

ZIP List

Address Encoding

Zcashd Main Pull Requests / Zebrad Main Pull Requests

Cryptographic Signature libraries

The halo 2 Book

The orchard Book

Halo Crate / Orchard Crate

Zcash R&D Discord

Other Zcash related technologies:

Zcash wallet Warp-Sync by Hanh

Zcash Testnet Explorer

This list was compiled from recommendations developers from the Zcash Foundation & ECC provided.

If you have any additional resources (links, books, channels etc.) to update the list feel free to include them!

Teams don't always have the resources to keep everything fully up to date but opening issues that you run into will instruct the direction of guides & resources