Welcome to ZecHub

ZecHub is the community driven education hub for the Zcash cryptocurrency (ZEC). Zcash is a digital currency providing censorship resistant, secure & private payments. The Zcash Blockchain utilises highly advanced 'verifiable' zk-snarks that do not require Trusted Setup following the NU5 network upgrade in 2022.

What is Zcash?

It is an open-source, blockchain ledger that features a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving system. It specializes in offering a higher standard of privacy through its proving system preserving confidentiality of transaction metadata. At its core, Zcash is private data ownership that is permissionlessly transferred when transactions are made.


ZECPages is an anonymous message board powered by Zcash. It also serves as a public directory of Zcash users. Take it easy is the ZECpages motto. A good reason to swing by is if you want to chat and make new friends.


Free2Z is a social platform powered by Zcash. With peer-to-peer donations, a revenue sharing program, advanced creative tools and a massive online global community.

DAO Members

zksquirrel propfile image

Core Contributor on ZecHub and Community Note Taker for Zcash Arborist' and development of the Zcash ecosystem.

Tecnopapapi propfile image

Father, Journalist, Blogger and Podcaster from Venezuela. I like to learn and reach others about computers, smartphones and crypto as a financial alternative

Dismad propfile image

Education, Skateboarding, Mathematics, Computer Science, Ornithology, Meteorology, Music, Automotive, Supercross, Cryptocurrencies

Ian Sagstetter propfile image
Ian Sagstetter

Ian is the Community & Marketing Lead at Espresso Systems, a research grant recipient from the Zcash Foundation minor grants program, and an advisor at ZecHub. He created ZecHub, while working at Electric Coin Company, to ensure there was an open environment for people who wanted to contribute to Zcash and earn ZEC.

RuZcash propfile image

I'm the creator of prozcash.ru website, which I fill with translations into Russian of press releases from official sources of Zcash developers, as well as my own articles about the coin. My goal is for the Russian-speaking ZEC community to be able to read the primary sources and get the most reliable information about Zcash.

Roosevelt Gordones propfile image
Roosevelt Gordones

Zcast Podcast en Español, Educator & Media Production.

Michae2xl propfile image

1 year+ as Zcash Brazil ambassador, Software Engineer & Product Owner, known as Michae2xl on social media, has been 7+ years in the crypto space, worked for a DAO as a Community Manager in Brazil & Canada for almost 4 years, and built an NFT index, good expertise as a leader to building communities.

Decentralistdan propfile image

ᙇecosystem relations @ZcashFoundation

Jason McGee propfile image
Jason McGee

Member of Zcash Community Grants Committe and Founder of Shielded Labs.

Chidi propfile image

Zcash Nigeria Global Ambassador.

Jay propfile image

Privacy, Cryptography and Encryption.

vito propfile image

Data Security Analyst & Community Manager at Zcash Brasil.

Edickson González propfile image
Edickson González

T.S.U Construcción Civil - Co-founder of the @mastelegram community on Telegram - moderator on the @zcashesp community on Telegram and YouTube channel, Editor of zcashesp.com/blog and Contributor of ZecHub.

Olek propfile image

Front-end developer, privacy advocate, cryptocurrency enthusiast and community manager

Mine propfile image

I am a diagrammer, graphic and packaging designer. My interest in blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies started just three years ago. In May 2022 Iogy and I became the design team for Zcash Brasil, and since then I've been working on growing Zcash in Brazil, be it with my design and ideas or networking at events or making events happen. My goal now is to continue growing the Zcash community and the ecosystem that surrounds it by helping withmy work.

Tokidoki propfile image

Tokidoki is the community manager of ZecHub. He is a software engineer from Indonesia who also teaches programming and has mentored hundreds of junior developers at a coding bootcamp.